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    9.9 USD / month
    9.9 USD every 1 month.
    10 content free unlock/day.
    5 downloads/day.
    Extra unlock at 5% off by using diamonds.
    Content with commercial authorization.
    Support extra device to log in.
    9.3 USD / month
    27.9 USD every 3 months.
    30 content free unlock/day.
    15 downloads/day.
    Extra unlock at 10% off by using diamonds.
    Content with commercial authorization.
    Support 2 extra devices to log in.
    6.7 USD / month
    79.9 USD every 1 year.
    60 content free unlock/day.
    30 downloads/day.
    Extra unlock at 15% off by using diamonds.
    Content with commercial authorization.
    Support 3 extra devices to log in.
Charge diamonds to unlock more photos :
100 Diamonds = 9.9 USD
Question: What are the benefits of a Premium subscription?
Answer: You will be able to commercial licenses that will allow you to use resources without attribution. Furthermore, your unlock limit will be extended to 60 per day in Poyagirl if you paid 1-year plan. As a Premium user, you will also have download rights, up to 30 per day.
Question: Can I cancel my plan and order a refund of my purchase?
Answer: At Poyagirl we want you to be happy. So if you are not completely satisfied with our services, we offer a 7-day refund guarantee. You can get the full refund within 7 days from the purchase date, if and when, you didn't use the service, that is, you haven't unlocked/downloaded any resources.
If that is your case, you can request a refund to email to us: [email protected]. You can only request a refund of the current billing period. Please note that previous payments can't be refunded.
Question: Why do I need to pay for Diamonds?
Answer: Using diamonds can unlock your favorite albums to see the full content if you don't want to upgrade to Premium member. And also diamonds can unlock extra content even if you reached the limits of unlocking per day.
Question: Can I refund the diamonds?
Answer: Nope, diamonds are a virtual service, can not be refunded.
Question: Can I share my account to others?
Answer: Nope, for your account safety, we do not allow users to share their accounts with others. Please read our terms of service carefully.

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Content with commercial authorization.
Total: $9.9 USD

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