BILLIONS OF REASONS TO JOIN. Make ad revenue, sell your content and build your fan base on the largest original copyright beauty girl photo platform in the world.
Multiple Revenue Streams
Content Sales 80% Non exclusive content gets 80% of the sales share, exclusive content gets 100% of the sales share!
Download revenue Make extra $ by premium plan for all downloadable content
Referrals = $ Earn $20 for every model referred
Poyagirl Premium Add your paid content to Premium and get a cut of our monthly subscription Viewshare rate.
Content And Model Support
Online Support for Models Email us or reach out on social media at any time to get help
Geoblocking Keep your content from displaying in certain states or countries
DMCA and Professional Law Team Opt-in to protect your content - we monitor the top 100 tube sites for any stolen content
1:How much money will I make? In the Model Program, all the income belongs to you, and Poyagirl only charges a 6% commission when you are withdrawing it! Note: You must log in and enter the creator background to access your income details. For example, if your first album is priced at 100 diamonds,and 100 diamonds equal $9.9, then the sales of your first album on Poyagirl is $9.9, and you will get $9.9.
2:How often do we get paid? Payments are made monthly, with a minimum withdrawal of $100 USD. If you make less than $100.00 in a month, your money carries over to the next month. Payouts are processed during the first week of every month, and the processing time depends on your chosen payment method. Bank account transfer clients can expect to be paid the second or third week of the month. You can change your payment method and address in your settings tab. Be sure to change it before the end of the month in order to avoid missing payments!
3:How do I verify my content is exclusive or non-exclusive? Before you upload content, you must confirm and make sure you have known how much content is already non-exclusive on other platforms. After you upload content, you can mark it as non-exclusive, if you mark it as exclusive content, you can not change it to non-exclusive. Because exclusive content gets a higher percentage from unlocking sales, if you marked the wrong content as exclusive, please send an email to us to change it: [email protected]

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