Billing support

Poyagirl supported credit card and Paypal methods to deal with your order right now.

● If you are a mainland of China user, please click the grey button named debit/credit card to pay for our Premium plan or diamonds, the location please choose Hongkong.

● If you are out of mainland of China, you can use whatever payment method we supported.

Payment failed:

Usually, it will not happen, but in some rare cases, you may face this problem because of the internet or other situation.

Don't panic, the order will still be recorded in our system, check your bank account first to confirm whether your balance is decreased or not. If the balance of your account has not changed, then change to a stable internet to pay again. If still failed, please email us to report this issue, we are happy to help you immediately.

Customer service: [email protected]

Refund Policy:
For Premium plan:we offer a 7-day refund guarantee. You can get the full refund within 7 days from the purchase date, if and when, you didn't use the service, that is, you haven't unlocked/downloaded any resources. If that is your case, you can request a refund to email to us: [email protected] . You can only request a refund of the current billing period. Please note that previous payments can't be refunded.

For Diamonds: Diamonds are a virtual service, can not be refunded.

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